The island of Angistri is a member of the Saronic group of islands which lie close to the mainland. It is a small island, boasting secluded beaches and crystal clear waters. Fishing and water sports are popular, as well as the traditional beachside activities. The island has numerous pine woods which in many places run from the mountains down to the sandy beaches. The mountains also provide ample opportunity for hiking, mountain biking and camping.

Angistri is easily accessible from the mainland.  The Flying Dolphin  takes only 50 minutes for the crossing from Piraeus. The island has two ports and a local bus service takes all of 5 minutes for the journey from Skala to Milos. The crossing by  water taxi to the neighbouring island of Aegina, takes 15 minutes.

The selection  of waterfront,  bars cafes, meze shops and grill shops in Skala provide a varied choice throughout the day. Small night time cafes, bars and clubs  provide peaceful relaxation in the evening. A range of shopping facilities gently wind their way up the hill from the sandy beaches.Angistri Island Real Estate


In recent years the popularity of the island as a location for holiday homes and permanent residences has increased. Property prices have also increased but remain very  competitive when compared to those on the larger islands such as Poros, Spetses and Hydra.


Beachfront studios are available  at prices starting from about 40,000 Euros. One bedroom apartments with sea view start at about 65,000, whilst a 2-3 bedroom house can be bought at prices from about 200,000 Euro.


For many, the island of Angistri, is at its best during the Autumn and the Spring. Accommodation is still open, along with small tavernas and restaurants. Prices are also better than in the peak season. For those who wish to let their property on the holiday rental market, the letting season can be easily  extended through to September and into October. Angistri is popular outside the peak months of July and August. Activities such as hiking and walking the network of woodland paths become particularly enjoyable without the heat of summer.

Pine forests cover the centre of the island and provide ample opportunity for cycling, horse riding and walking the forest trails. It also lists ten well known beaches  ranging from rocky and secluded to long and sandy.



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